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[I-Mo-Jah] [Gonzalo Gorordo] [Bulby York] [Kofi James] [Tracks Of Life] [Gonzo & Inna Vision] [Reagge Can Help] [Nga Han] [Black Uhuru] [Addis Pablo] [Kiddus I] [Journey With Stripe] [Gia Yee] [Selecta Badras] [Agent Sasco] [Little Kirk] [P-Dub] [Phillip Fullwood] [Boasy Solgy] [Weirdz] [Ska Around The World] [JahJah] [George Nooks] [Reggae Wow] [Richie Stephens] [Bunny Wailer & Wailing Souls] [Sun Shade] [Lećo do Norte] [Bob Marley] [Shams the Producer] [Rob Symeonn & Rootz n Creation] [Gary Dread] [Common Kings] [Infinite Word] [The Gladiators] [Tifa] [Dread Mar I] [Tetrack] [Capital Letters] [The Nextmen & Gentleman's Dub Club] [Keith Okie & Rebel Sol] [Kings and Comrades] [Biggaton] [Thrive]
I-Mo-Jah - Rockers From The Land of Reggae - Pressure Sounds
Gonzalo Gorordo - Screaming and Dancing
Bulby York - Master Blaster - Bulby York Music / VPAL Music
Kofi James and the New Roots Band & Breezy Rodio - Tribute to the Cool Ruler - Breezy Rodio / Windchill
Dennis Brown w/Various Artists - King Jammy Presents: Dennis Brown Tracks Of Life - VP Records
Gonzo & Inna Vision - Curricular Style - Roots Musician Records
Various Artists - Open Arms Project - Reggae can Help!!!!
Nga Han - David Stone - Roots Natty Records
Black Uhuru - As The World Turns - Black Uhuru Official
Addis Pablo - Majestic Melodies - Addis Pablo Music
Kiddus I - Stick to the Course - Rubin Rockers
Various Artists - Journey With Stripe - Branat Music / Reign Music
Gia Yee - Reggae Prescription - One Heart Entertainment
Selecta Badras - Better Life
Agent Sasco - Hope River - Diamond Studios
Little Kirk - Truly Great Showcase - Idlers Corner Records
P-Dub - Just Before September - Dublife Muzik
Phillip Fullwood - Words In Dub - Pressure Sounds
Boasy Solgy - Clean to Mi Step - Bass 2 Xcell Record Label Limited / VPAL Music
Weirdz - Sunshine & Whistle - The Bail Music Company
Various Artists - Ska Around The World - Putumayo World Music
JahJah - JahProved - JahJahMuzik
George Nooks - For You - Tad's Records
Various artists - Stingray Records Presents: Reggae Wow 2018 - Stingray Records UK / VPAL Music
Richie Stephens and The Ska Nation Band - Root of the Music - Adriatic Sound / Pot of Gold Productions
Bunny Wailer & Wailing Souls - Dub Fi Dub - R.O.K. / The Original Genesis
Sun Shade - Don't You Be - Dubbstarr
Lećo do Norte - Liberdade
Bob Marley - Kaya 40 - Island Records
Shams the Producer - From Vinyl to Digital - B-Rich Records / VPAL Music
Rob Symeonn & Rootz n Creation - State of Emergency - Rootz n Creation
Gary Dread - Vibrant
Common Kings - One Day - Mensch House Records
Infinite Word - Infinite Word - Mama Records
The Gladiators - Presenting the Gladiators: Deluxe Edition - Studio One
Tifa - Curry Goat & Champagne - Zojak World Wide
Dread Mar I - Caminarįs Caminos - Ariola
Tetrack - Let's Get Started - Greensleeves Records
Capital Letters - Judgement Day - Sugar Shack Records
The Nextmen & Gentleman's Dub Club - Pound for Pound
Keith Okie & Rebel Sol - Runnin' with Rockers
Kings and Comrades - On My Way - Roots Musician Records
Biggaton - Pinyin Reggae - Imhotep C Records
Thrive - Be Love - Roots Musician Records

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